The Ogio / Black Rapid Mix

Camera carrying systems are one of the bane’s of my photographic career.

However things are changing…

My recent alliance with Clik Elite has allowed me to utilise adventure photographer specific packs and the Contrejour 45 has rapidly become my favourite pack.

2x Nikon D3s and Nikon 200-400 f/4 VR lens = A heavy kit all day. Photo: Toby Heslop

However  certain assignments call for different equipment and shooting motor-sport often means having at least two cameras handy at all times whilst also having extra lenses, flashes, cards etc with free hands (the swinging of a large backpack in a garage during a pit stop is not recommended.)

Many years ago I purchased an OGIO flight vest and now combined with the Black Rapid DR2 the system is damned near perfect for Motorsport.

I may look a little commando but it works a treat… so thanks to OGIO and Black Rapid.


About inciteimages

A magazine recently profiled my life and pretty much hit the nail on the head: Australian adventure photographer (and occasional journalist) Mark Watson is a liar. He suggests his job is “not so glamorous,” but drop him an email and his ‘out of office auto response’ will inform he’s heli-skiing New Zealand or trekking Patagonia. In downtime he surfs and mountain bikes Sydney’s Northern Beaches or can be spied drinking café latte’s on the beachfront when he should be editing photos. He’s a Nikon Ambassador and Red Bull Australia’s No.1 photographer, and after a few Corona’s, admits, “I photograph cool people, in cool places, doing cool things!” Quickly followed by the disclaimer “It’s not always exciting…” But always said with a mischievous grin. View all posts by inciteimages

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