Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine Cover

You can never tell what an art director will do with your images…

Sometimes it is frustrating, sometimes it looks amazing.

On this 2-stroke v 4-stroke MX test I had lined up some cover possibilities even though the weather was about as bad as it gets… however the photo that finally went to cover was the final shot of the day… no flash, average composition, not a huge amount of thought and definitely not a perfect rider setup.

It was a dodgy narrow corner with only one line but I asked the riders to see if they could find two lines in the corner and then to ‘get on the gas’ out of the corner to create some energy.

After about three attempts it became a competition as to who could best pull off the impossible and 10 attempts and one over-the-bars later we managed to get a photo I thought would suit an A4 opener in the article… BUT instead it went to cover.

Who would have guessed – typical art directors!!!

But this time I am reasonable happy with the results, even if it wasn’t shot for a ‘cover’.

Mist, rain, narrow lines, average corner and less than perfect rider and photographer set-up - but somehow we pulled off a cover photo.


About inciteimages

A magazine recently profiled my life and pretty much hit the nail on the head: Australian adventure photographer (and occasional journalist) Mark Watson is a liar. He suggests his job is “not so glamorous,” but drop him an email and his ‘out of office auto response’ will inform he’s heli-skiing New Zealand or trekking Patagonia. In downtime he surfs and mountain bikes Sydney’s Northern Beaches or can be spied drinking café latte’s on the beachfront when he should be editing photos. He’s a Nikon Ambassador and Red Bull Australia’s No.1 photographer, and after a few Corona’s, admits, “I photograph cool people, in cool places, doing cool things!” Quickly followed by the disclaimer “It’s not always exciting…” But always said with a mischievous grin. View all posts by inciteimages

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