Nikon 1 V1 – still lovin it!

As we speak I sit with a new Nikon D4 next to me (11fps, full frame sensor, ridiculous ISO abilities, damned near unlimited buffer, Wireless capture shooting and control via iPhone, iPad and laptop, 1080p HD recording direct to card or throughput via HDMI etc etc etc.)

However it is still the Nikon 1 V1 that is always at hand

The V1 has finally turned me into one of those photographers who always has a camera at hand. And this is purely because I now have a camera that is compact enough to fit in a pocket but high enough resolution and sharp enough lenses for front cover abilities. The video is amazing, the lenses incredibly sharp and the little black box with a very cool range of interchangeable lenses is just perfect to have on hand all the time.

Over X-Mas my naturalist brother pointed out a Southern Brown Tree Frog and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a some more Nikon 1 fun.

Here’s the resulting snap.

Southern Brown Tree Frog photographed on Nikon 1 V1 with 1 Nikkor VR 10-30mm f/ 3.5-5.6

Now all we need is a fish eye lens and waterproof housing for some cool water photography… don’t worry I have already been chatting to Phil at regarding this… maybe on the horizon – we will see???

Oh yeah… and a quick few thoughts on the D4 will follow soon but no you cannot see sample footage and images yet… However hang in there as D4 mini-review and sample photos will follow as soon as the guys at ‘the big N’ give the all clear.


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A magazine recently profiled my life and pretty much hit the nail on the head: Australian adventure photographer (and occasional journalist) Mark Watson is a liar. He suggests his job is “not so glamorous,” but drop him an email and his ‘out of office auto response’ will inform he’s heli-skiing New Zealand or trekking Patagonia. In downtime he surfs and mountain bikes Sydney’s Northern Beaches or can be spied drinking café latte’s on the beachfront when he should be editing photos. He’s a Nikon Ambassador and Red Bull Australia’s No.1 photographer, and after a few Corona’s, admits, “I photograph cool people, in cool places, doing cool things!” Quickly followed by the disclaimer “It’s not always exciting…” But always said with a mischievous grin. View all posts by inciteimages

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