Nikon D4 – A Wee Glimpse

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of the few Nikon D4’s in the country last week.

As usual, it has been a while coming, but worth the wait.

For those shooting with the D3, D3s, D3x… you will feel right at home with the D4… the ergonomics are very similar.

The build of the D4 is as usual, superb and the weather sealing exceptional.

The main specifications on Nikon’s new flagship are:

  • 16.2 effective megapixel, full-frame sensor (16.6MP total)
  • 10fps shooting with AF and AE, 11fps with focus and exposure locked, 24fps 2.5MP grabs
  • ISO Range 100-12,800 (extendable from 50 – 204,800)
  • Two sub-selector joystick/buttons for shooting orientation
  • 1080p30 HD video at up to 24Mbps with uncompressed video output
  • Twin card slots – one Compact Flash and one XQD

There’s a heap more though

The video has been hugely enhanced and worked and the camera is lightning fast.

When I mean fast – I am still to put my finger on it… but it just feels crazy-fast.  The AF is undetectable but super smooth and the 10fps just feels so much more accurate, quicker, more sensitive than the D3s… I can’t yet explain but it feels ‘good’

Anyway… have all the goods on it and I will endeavour to reel off the pros and cons as soon as I manage to get my hands on a production model and start firing off some frames for you to peruse.

I’ll keep you posted.








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One response to “Nikon D4 – A Wee Glimpse

  • Serge

    This is the best DSLR so far. Got one on order. Used to shoot the F5 and loved it. Its been slow switching to digital. Shot some DX Nikons-wasnt too impressed. D4 will be a great tool for photographers and videographers alike.

    Nice post, thanks.

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