Australian adventure photographer (and occasional journalist) Mark ‘Watto’ Watson is a liar.

Mark 'watto' Watson at the 'Womp', Sydney's Northern Beaches

He suggests his job is “not so glamorous,” but drop him an email and his ‘out of office auto response’ will inform he’s heli-skiing New Zealand or trekking Patagonia.

He is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost commercial outdoor and adventure photographers, is a Nikon Ambassador, A Clik Elite Immortal and Red Bull Australia’s No.1 photographer and so can often be found flitting around the world on behalf of any client fascinated with adventure activities in exotic locations.

In between jobs he waffles to whoever will listen about the latest project, perfect camera lenses and the future of photography or annoys magazine editors, telling them how their magazines ‘should’ look.

In his downtime he surfs and mountain bikes Sydney’s Northern Beaches or can be spied drinking café latte’s on the beachfront, procrastinating when he should be editing photos.

It take’s a few ales before he admits;  “I get to photograph cool people, in cool places, doing cool things!” Quickly followed by the disclaimer “It’s not always exciting and can be damned hard work…” in a vain attempt to pretend he has a ‘real job’; but always said with a mischievous grin before recalling tales of living on Chilean fishing boats or crossing deserts on motorbikes.

My mates at university used to continually ask when I would study a real profession rather than some arty make-believe vocation… nowadays I text them from weird and wonderful parts of the world to let them know ‘I being paid on to explore the Andes’ … it gives me a good chuckle to receive their cursing replies.”

“Life is what you make it!” He proclaims, and his grin suggests what he’s made for himself is not a bad way to earn a crust.

Visit Mark’s portfolio and website at inciteimages.com


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