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Split boarding Mecca

…I’m heading to Canada next month and have a bit of split boarding on the agenda… thought i would do a random split board google search and came up with this vid… very nice – now I am inspired!

Steelhead and Spines- The Provo Bros from The Provo Bros on Vimeo.


Tye Simmonds Photos still getting Glory

Tye Simonds

Latest issue of My Nikon Life Magazine – Inside Cover Double Page spread, Still one of my favourite pix from recent shoots so great to see it getting a decent run.

Veloster Street Car – and Nikon D800E

OK.. so it has been a while since my last post

So firstly here’s a pic of my latest shoot with the new Nikon D800E.

Veloster Street Car… Nikon D800E, Nikon 20mm f/2.8, x2 Nikon SB910, x1 SB900, x2 SB800

Recently I have been busy juggling the new studio, being away, new websites and new blogs etc and so have neglected this blog a little. Damn… all this website and social media stuff is time-consuming huh? Especially when across multiple companies, locations and websites.

Anyway I will backdate a few blog posts to cover off a few recent jobs including: Red Bull X-Fighters, Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine – Dual-Sport Adventure motorbike tour 2012, Adventure Harley Davidson NZ, Oakley – Rick Kelly (Studio), Tourism Victoria, Tye Simmonds (Super Cross / MX)

However my latest project was for Hyundai Australia photographing a concept street car for the Australia Motor Show

I was stoked to be using the new 36MP D800E for the first time and it’s sharpness and clarity is mind-boggling. I was amused with myself when I noticed a hint of noise at high ISO’s but I have been using the D3, D3s and D4 so much I am used to being able to shoot well into the many-thousand ISO’s. The D800E compensates in so many other ways so I quickly checked myself, with the knowledge I ordered the new body specifically for lower ISO, commercial shooting – similar to the images portrayed here (duh!), not for high ISO, high frame rate sport shooting. And the D800E absolutely ‘kills it’ in the area it was specifically designed – brilliant sharpness in detail.

This shoot was a coming together of multiple challenges. Embargoes on images, security clearances at location, limited shooting time and mostly after dark, car build finishing minutes before shooting etc. We ended up collecting the car around 3:30pm and returned it around 2am. plenty of security guys in high-viz vests telling us to clear off, others who were cool, others who didn’t care … but photography and security issues go had in hand in todays Australian liability scared society.

One day turnaround on images to be ready for the motor show added a little extra pressure but in the end it all came together nicely… and the results (below) speak for themselves:

Where live-view excels… holding camera far above head for extra height and still knowing what to focus on.

gotta love a good sunset. Cheat note – I had reccied this area and used the iPhone app ‘Sun Seeker’ to find where the sun would set.

Public Road – lucky the parking spaces were empty.

In this case the stereo system is half the car…so made sure we got photos of it.

1 am and still shooting

Internals are just as impressive.



Revealing the Refinery

Serious late arvo photo session at The Refinery

Soon to be opened… but the fun has already begun

The Refinery Studio


The concept began after quite a few glasses of Pinot and a rant about lack of commercial studios for northern beaches creative and media professionals … and why couldn’t a chilled creative hub be incorporated alongside it.

The ‘concept’ then became a ‘project’ and soon there were draft plans and somehow the idea materialised into The Refinery Studio – with myself as half owner.

Now the partnership of and andygreenimages is about to shift out of the ‘building stage’ and progress into the ‘moving in’ stage.

Word of mouth has already led to some sneaky-pre-opening studio bookings and we have already had some incredible feedback … maybe we were actually onto something and not just ranting.

Personally I am psyched to be putting the hammer and drill down and finally move in next week.

Doors will officially open soon after.

Additionally – just a mini heads up to Sydney Northern Beaches creatives: A limited number of desk spaces will soon be made available – so have us on speed dial if you are interested in becoming a part of the new creative collective (no guarantees as there are limited desks and a lot of interest)

The Refinery Lounge

Its nearly here…

weeks of building is coming to completion… it’s gonna be something special

Sally Fitzgibbons Studio Shoot

I know I have been pretty poor at keeping the world up to date with comings, goings and new stuff on my blog recently and so hope to remedy that in the coming weeks.

However just to give you a sneak glimpse at just one photo that is a standout from recent jobs, I have included a recent portrait of world No#2 surfer Sally Fitzgibbons here.

Sally is a always a breeze to photograph with an athletic body, brilliant eyes, a relaxed smile and laid back personality to go with it. I only had a short window to work with Sally to gather a photograph to promote Sally’s ‘Design Sally’s Board’ promotion.

The initial challenge was going to be working on the beach in some unseasonably nasty Sydney weather but when the location was relocated to a studio… my job was made easy.

With lights in place and the usual happy-go-lucky Sally just having a laugh, it was easy to shoot the full body images for my client but I wanted to sneak in a bit of a bonus shot because I knew Sally had a great connection with the camera and her eyes sometimes just have that sparkle many photographers talk about but don’t always find. I wanted to shoot a simple portrait and then hone my retouching and airbrushing skills to create a very fashion oriented image, something a little different from my more usual documentary genre.

The retouching on this image offered yet more knowledge into the fine tuning of skin texture and retouching, edge sharpening and noise reduction etc and so I was stoked to have taken a few moments away from my everyday work to delve a little deeper into the world of post production.

and here is the resulting image, take it or leave it (I reckon it’s pretty damned nice):