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Mark Webber Challenge & The Red Bullettes

Sally about to collect a wave on the head during an Ocean Kayak

Sally about to collect a wave on the head during an Ocean Kayak

I have lived in sheep sheds, tents and on boats, flown halfway around the world to land in desolate and isolated communities and chased athletes through all numbers of gruelling terrain, however a week with pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons & champion Iron-woman Jordan Mercer is going to have to rate as one of the funnest and funniest adventure races I have been involved in.

The 2012 Mark Webber Challenge attracted some of the most experienced and hardcore of adventure athletes in the world… and the Red Bullettes.

Sally and Jordan are both athletes at the top of their game, and were willing step outside of their respective comfort zones to take on a new challenge… The mark Webber Challnge. The girls both contain a never say die attitude and competitive streak – it is a pre-requisite to pushing yourself to the top of your sport.

I was intrigued to see how the two girls would  handle the arduous week of the Mark Webber Challenge and wondered whether the continuous 14 hr days would get the best of them or whether they would battle through. Would their spirit be dampened or would their competitiveness win over emotion and drive them on?

Having now returned from a chaotic week of  snaparazzing the girls through whitewater, beach breaks, forrest, cliffs, extreme heat and freezing temperatures I can truly say that the Red Bullettes spirit was one of the highlights of the challenge.

There is no doubt as to the fitness of the two, however day one did raise the age old debate about the fairer sex and their map-reading skills… seeing the GPS tracking go up and down the same Gorge 3 times (even coming within 100m of the checkpoint) before finally arriving at a transition area had a few people laughing and others frustrated… fortunately the girls laughed it off as ‘teething problems’ and a ‘learning experience’

I am used to predicting where the elite adventure racers of the world might travel and leapfrogging them by whatever means to document such a journey. However this years Mark Webber Challenge held a special Mark Watson Challenge as well… Where the hell would the Red Bullettes go?  The girls ability  to accidentally find checkpoints and change plans on the run had me confounded… but I managed to catch them every now and then for a photo or two and their plan(or lack there-of) seemed to work for them as they feel into the routine of adventure racing.

Truth be told – by the end of the race the Bullettes were planning ahead like seasoned racers, marking maps and intended routes and collecting both compulsory and non compulsory checkpoints scattered throughout the Tasmanian wilderness.

What was evident throughout was their never-say-die attitude though. Both admitted to a few bouts of tears in the wilderness and on occasion just wanting to give up, but they drove each other on. The easiest way of tracking the girls was to venture into the wilderness and then stand still and listen… the sounds of nature would envelop you but stand long enough and you were sure to get a hint of a female voice singing over the breeze… and soon the voices and laughing and singing and jokes would grow stronger. I have never known a team to battle and entire week long race whilst all the while chatting, laughing and joking with one another non-stop and also to whomever happens to pass their way, whether it be a sole farmer, a rival team or even myself… I was often greeted on a bush track with a bit of a skip and jump and ‘Hey Watto… Whooohoo!’… The one identifying character of the Red Bullettes was their constant smile, chatter and lighter.

What a crazy week, a fun week and just one hell of a a laugh in amongst some of the most amazing scenery Oz has to offer.

So here are a few snapz

Chio fo now,


MW_121127_WebberChallenge_-4-2 MW_121202_WebberChallenge_6983 MW_121202_WebberChallenge_6933 MW_121202_WebberChallenge_6910 MW_121202_WebberChallenge_6794
MW_121130_WebberChallenge_6327 MW_121130_WebberChallenge_5987 MW_121130_WebberChallenge_4811 MW_121130_WebberChallenge_4753 MW_121129_WebberChallenge_5105 MW_121129_WebberChallenge_4791 MW_121128_WebberChallenge_4336 MW_121128_WebberChallenge_4325 MW_121128_WebberChallenge_4255 MW_121128_WebberChallenge_4084 MW_121127_WebberChallenge_3465 MW_121202_WebberChallenge_6796

MW_121202_WebberChallenge_7157MW_121201_WebberChallenge_5053 MW_121201_WebberChallenge_5125


Welcome to inciteimages new blogsite thingy!

Hello, Hola, Salut, Ciao, Bula Uro, Konnichi Wa, Ni Hao …

All those marketing and PR savvy people in the world have been constantly ‘at me’ to start a blog and so finally I have ‘caved’ and am hopefully going to be better at this blog thingy than I am a tweetbook and other interweb stuff.

This greeting is actually more of a test to see if I can make this wordpress thingy work, and so I won’t waffle on today, but rather just hope all this stuff appears as it should on my new blog site.

Additionally, when you get bored and want to procrastinate at work… take a sly glimpse at www.inciteimages.com over the coming week as I launch my new full screen ‘livebooks’  website.

And to test the ‘happy snap’ part of this website I will drop in a recent photo of Australia’s hottest female surfer Sally Fitzgibbons (One could argue – both in and out of the water)… this photo was photographed for a new up and coming campaign for one of my clients, however it is all hush/hush at the moment so I cannot say much more for now (PS: Thanks Sal for a fun shoot – as usual it was more a laugh than most shoots)

Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS)